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Miscellaneous Writings on Slavery: Inquiry into the Character and Tendency of the American Colonization, and American Anti-Slavery Societies
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Contains the following chapters:
  • Inquiry into the character and tendency of the American Colonization, and American Anti-Slavery Societies
  • A view of the action of the Federal Government, in behalf of slavery
  • On the condition of the Free People of Color in the United States
  • Address to the Friends of Constitutional Liberty, on the Violation by the United States House of Representatives of the Right of Petition
  • Introductory remarks to the Reproof of the American Church contained in the recent "History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in American," by the Bishop of Oxford
  • Letters to the Right Rev. L. Silliman Ives, Bishop of the Protestant Church in the state of North Carolina
  • Addresses to the inhabitants of New Mexico and California, on the omission by Congress to provide them with territorial governments, and the social and political evils of slavery.
  • Letter to Hon. William Nelson, M. C., on Mr. Clay's compromise,
  • Letter to the Hon. Samuel A Eliot, representative in Congress from the city of Boston, in reply to his apology for voting for the fugitive slave Bill
  • An Address to the Anti-Slavery Christians of the United States, signed by a number of clergymen and others. 
  • Letter to Rev. R.S. Cook, Corresponding Secretary of the American Tract Society
  • Letter to Lewis Tappan, Esq., treasurer of the American Missionary Association