Cannon Round Shot Physical Object

Stone Shot
Accession Number
Creation Date
circa 1620
Oblong shape.

17.3 x 15.2 x 14.7 cm

Exhibition Label
Case Caption: CANNON SHOT The gunners were supervised by the master gunner. On duty 12 hours a day, they had to sleep on deck no matter what the weather, wrapped in their great cloaks and ready for any threat. Since cannon were not standardized at this time, gunners needed to know what size ammunition went with which gun, how to store it, and how to load and fire accurately. After a period of training, they had to pass an examination before they got extra pay. In battle, they would be assisted by apprentice sailors and ship's boys.
Object Caption: Stone Shot Quartzite (c.1620) Gift of Jamestown Inc. 1986.008.0597 These large hand-carved balls shattered on impact, flinging glass-like shards on the enemy.