Base Physical Object

Accession Number
Creation Date
circa 1700
Tin-glazed. One of two base fragments attached to one another. Base fragment attached to 1986.008.1200c. One of 26 pieces. See also 1986.008.1200a, c--z.

8.0 x 4.0 x 2.6 cm. 45.10 grams. Size and weight of both combined pieces

Exhibition Label
A piece of a tin-glazed, fine-earthenware ceramic vessel base from the 1700 English slave ship Henrietta Marie is of a type called delftware or galleyware. The fragmented base is approximately 8.0cm in diameter, and its form suggests it comes from a jar or pitcher. The glaze, found both on the interior and exterior, was degraded underwater and is now varying shades of gray, though it was originally bluish.