Pissdale Tube Physical Object

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Creation Date
circa 1700
A large, partly-crushed, lead cone is the ship’s head from the wrecked 1700 slaver Henrietta Marie. It functioned primarily as a urinal and was properly called a “pissdale tube.” The tube was mounted inboard the ship, and was fixed to a through-hull scupper, so anything that went in would flow out to the sea. The top, receiving end was 25cm (10 inches) diameter, and the lower, discharge end was 16.25cm (6.5 inches). The piece had an overall length of 56cm (22 inches). It is not known if the African captives carried across the Atlantic on the Henrietta Marie were ever allowed to use this urinal, or if it was for crew use only.


34 cm H x 70 cm W , Item (Overall)

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